The Revolution IS Here! Literally anybody between the ages of 12 – 108 even those who have absolutely NO pre-existing programming knowledge can be creating their own high value software products…in minutes!  


Coming v2 Sept 2014

Students can download a free 30 day trial of TekiMate. It takes less than a minute to download and you’ll be creating your own software in no time at all.

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TekiMate Marketplace

Create, share and sell your software in the Teki Marketplace. Free to register, the Teki Marketplace enables you to make money from the software you create with TekiMate!

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TekiMate For Students

TekiMate is the ideal platform for students of all ages. You won’t just be impressing your friends and family, you’ll be making cool software that you can sell! Don’t miss out!

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TekiMate For Business

TekiMate enables businesses to create programs to repetitive , tedious tasks. Churn out specialised reports, web sites, web forms – transform your business with TekiMate.

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