What is Tekimate?

Tekimate represents a revolution in software creation. At it’s heart, TekiMate is based upon an exciting and innovative concept; it is fundamentally a unique educational tool which enables anyone to create high-value computer programs…in minutes!

With TekiMate, you don’t need to have any technical skills on the computer other than being able to type, copy and paste. We guarantee that even a ten year-old will be able to use TekiMate to create their own computer software in a matter of minutes!

The TekiMate system helps develop basic computer programming skills and trains logical and methodical thinking. However, TekiMate also provides a means through which users can generate a substantial residual income in their spare time. With Tekimate, you don’t need any programming skills to create great programs which we call ‘Tekis’.

What exactly is a ‘Teki’?

A Teki is a real executable software program that runs on all Windows operating systems. TekiMate makes intelligent software creation really simple and our Advanced Programmer version even comes with the facility to lock your Tekis with Registration codes.

Do you have examples of Tekis that I can create with Tekimate?

Of course! Check out the Teki Marketplace to see what can be created with TekiMate.

Will I be able to sell Tekis I create in the Teki Marketplace?

Absolutely. TekiMate enables users to compile their own Tekis and you can even protect them with registration codes (using the Advanced Programmer version). Your Tekis can be very saleable software products. In fact, some of our test users have actually earned thousands of dollars over a matter of weeks selling their Tekis. The Teki Marketplace has been set up specifically to enable Teki users to sell their Tekis.

You say it is simple to use TekiMate, but how simple is ‘simple’?

TekiMate is really very simple to use! Literally anybody between the ages of 12 – 108 even those who have absolutely NO pre-existing programming knowledge can be creating their own high value software products…in minutes! Take the TekiMate Challenge and see if you can build your first ‘Teki’ in less than 15 minutes!

Why is TekiMate free?

TekiMate Programmer Edition is free because we want everyone to be able to enjoy the thrill of creating their own software products. Advanced users who want to use additional features can opt for the Advanced Programmer version and we have a number of Teki Plugins all of which come with a small charge.

What type of software products can you create with TekiMate?

The types of programs you can create with TekiMate are endless. You can build Tekis that generate virtually anything including from ‘wizard’ type programs that generate personalised documents (or entire folders of documents) to bespoke fitness plans and you can even create Tekis that build entire web sites…in seconds!

Here is just a few other ideas:

Press Release Wizard – a Teki to pump out professional Press Releases
Sales Page Generator – create instant sales pages!
Headline Wizard – a brilliant tool to help create Headlines for any business or event. This sold as a standalone product for $47 and you vcan create your own FREE using TekiMate!
E-book Wizard – how about a Teki that creates E-books in minutes!
Kindle Formattor – you can easily build a TekiMate to create Kindle Formatted Ebooks
Goal Setting Wizard – Keep focussed with a Goal Setting Wizard
Revion Planner – generate easy-to-follow revision plans in no time at all!
Business Plan Generator – a Teki to create professionally written business plans in seconds!
Client Reports – create a Teki that will do professional reports for clients on ANY subject!
Newsletter Wizard – create a Teki that produces a newsletter easily
Email Autoresponder Wizard – you could create a Teki that generates an entire series of emails with TekiMate (This idea has been done by one of TekiMate’s founders who made over $1,000 in sales in it’s first week and is still selling for $37!)
Web Page Generator – create a Teki that generates web pages for clients
Sales Web Pages – create a Teki that generates sales pages for clients
Affiliate Web Page Creator – create a Teki that generates affiliate sales pages for clients
Web shop Creator – create a Teki that generates web shops
Email Extractor – create a Teki to extract email addresses from web pages!
CV and Job Application Generators – build a Teki to generate professionally-written Cvs and job application letters!
The list is endless…

You can create Tekis:

> for fun
> to help automate your tasks
> to save you time doing repetitive tasks
> to provide services to local business owners
> to start your own software business or
> to make money by selling your Tekis in the Teki marketplace.

 Do you run webinars?

Yes. webinar training programmes will be offered. Watch this space!

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