TekiMate For Students

As a student, TekiMate has many benefits:

TekiMate For StudentsGreat for your Personal Statement and CV. With TekiMate you’ll easily learn new IT skills that are considered to be the most important by employers. When you show employers the software you’ve created with TekiMate, they’ll be blown away!

Create Tekis to generate repetitive tasks to save you time to do what you want to do. Tasks that can take hours can – when put into a Teki – be done in minutes! Imagine being able to produce a specialist report or build an entire web site in just a few minutes! The possibilities with TekiMate are endless!

Create Tekis to sell and make money in the Teki Marketplace. Creating and selling Tekis enables you to earn money in your sleep. You’ll learn the entrepreneur mindset – work smart to receive ongoing payments rather than being paid in a minimum wage job!

Best of all, TekiMate is FREE! So, DON’T MISS OUT!

Download TekiMate TODAY and start creating your own Tekis.



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